Kiriko Windgeist

Artworks, Photograpy, Voice Acting

About me


I'm Jennifer Bening, aka Kiriko Windgeist, and I'm a hobby artist, photographer and voice actor residing in Lower Saxony, Germany.

I mostly draw canines, but also like to draw other animals and experiment with backgrounds. Most of my artworks are done digitally, though I sometimes also like to paint with acrylics, especially galaxy pictures then.

In 2018 I started taking photos more seriously, yet still as a hobby. Mostly I take photos of animals and nature.

Voice Acting is something I want to do more serious and improve. I want to give more emotion into my recordings aswell as make lines sound as realistic as possible. You can hear me in my series "The Shadow marked" aswell as in some smaller projects.


You can find and contact me on the sites linked below, I'm most active on YouTube and Twitter. You can also email me aswell.

Email: [email protected]

best way to contact

other sites I'm on


Currently commissions are closed. I'm thinking about opening commissions later in 2020 though.

You can however contact me if you have any questions or inquieries.

I've already been part in a few earlier projects, and also are part of projects that are soon to be released.

My VA demo reel:

Some projects I'm part of:

  • "The Shadow marked" (PMV series by me), Kiriko

  • "Falling Leaves" (animated series by agent clare), Flora

  • "Candy Is Yummy" (sketch podcasts by Josh Bush), various roles (coming soon)



What programs and tools do you use for drawing?
I use a Veikk A15 tablet. My main program is Clip Studio Paint.

When did you start drawing?
I started drawing traditionally when I was six years old, digitally when I was 18 years old.


When will the next episode come out?
As soon as it's done. I set myself weekly goals to achieve which help making the progress go smoother. However I'll keep you updated on YouTube and Twitter about the progress.

Can I voice a character in the series?
When I need voices I'll open up a casting call. Currently there are no roles to give.